Friday, November 30, 2012

Jillian Hart "Montana Dreams"

Another love inspired 15th anniversary book, back to the McKaslin Clan

Montana DreamsMontana Dreams by Jillian Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is Love Inspired 15th anniversary issue-
Jillian Hart writes "Montana Dreams"

--more of the story of the McKaslin family, love this family.

Our story today is of Hunter McKaslin, a chance meeting in a grocery store of his ex-girlfriend and this young man is thrown for a loop. He remembers what Millie Wilson had meant to him even though he had told her they would never be more then friends. He didn't want to be a husband or father - a statement that left Millie devastated because she now knew she was going to have a little one -so she did the only thing she could and left without letting Hunter know.

Ten yrs have passed and she is back to help her Dad who has terminal cancer, he was a cantankerous man before and hasn't changed much except maybe to get worse now. Millie brings her son and stays with her Dad hoping no one will recognise how much he looks like Hunter and put the pieces together on whom is his father.
The McKaslin's are a big happy family and Millie soon finds herself right in the midst of them holding her breath that no one will learn her secret.
She and Hunter sort of dance around one another, not mentioning or wanting to bring back what was between them before.
I enjoyed watching these two and the emotions that curled around them whenever they were together, just like smoke swirling around and around.
Being the man that he was, Hunter helped when Millie needed help on the dairy farm that lost its workers because of money woes, he came to have feelings for Millie's son that he never glimpsed could be his.

Jillian writes wonderful stories of the McKaslin's and you wont want to miss this reunion of Hunter and Millie..

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