Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Faith of the Heart" written by Jewell Tweedt

small book with largness, you will want to give this author a read as she tells a wonderful story of yesteryear...

Faith of the HeartFaith of the Heart by Jewell Tweedt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jewell Tweedt is new author to me and writes a wonderful story in "Faith of the Heart"

This is the story of Claire who moves to Omaha after an aunt writes she needs her help..
Before that she had lived and worked as a nanny waiting for her fiance "Cal" to come home from the war, as we all know the war stretched into years back in those days and many men were killed and or missing and never heard from them again.  After four long years Claire thought this had to be the case with Cal, she knew he would never leave her on his own.  she fingered the 1/2 heart on a necklace she wore around her neck and thought..the other half is hanging on a chain around Cal's neck-they vowed never to remove them till they were together again or dead....

Claire felt she had to move on with her life after four years of waiting so headed to Omaha to make a fresh start.  Tom Maxwell, the sheriff, meets her at the station with the bad news that her aunt had been killed in an accident.  Claire was all alone but she had inherited the store that her aunt and uncle had run with living quarters upstairs..saddened but determined Claire knew she would try to live here.
She and Tom became friends as he showed her the town and introduced her to townfolks.  She is busy during the days with the store and so grateful that she has this in her life..

Just as she feels she and Tom might have a future together she is shocked to say the least when Cal shows up and wants he to still marry him.  Now Claire must decide will she honor that long-ago vow to Cal or go with this new feeling that she has for Tom.  She feels something is not quite right that Cal has shown up so long after war ending and with his name changed too..

I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next that will continue this story....

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