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Montana Skies Series by Penny Zeller book #3 "Hailee"

HaileeHailee by Penny Zeller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Montana Skies series by Penny Zeller book #3 "Hailee"

These books can be read alone or together, I always like to read the whole series but in this one I read books #1 & #3, each story has it own unique character with tidbits from story before...I enjoyed reading Hailee's story -thanks for adding this one to your series Penny.

Maxwell Nathaniel Adams Jr is the only son of a Boston couple but dreams of going to the rugged mountains of Montana, his dad wants him to follow in his steps and be a lawyer but his heart tells him he needs to follow Christ and wants to preach. His aunts live in Pine Haven Montana and when he hears of a pastor retiring and his chance to be their next pastor he goes to Montana.
Hailee grew up in the big city of Cincinnati, Ohio and when circumstances force she and her brothers on the streets-she resorts to begging and stealing so they have food to eat and even then they are cold and starving many times.
When Hailee becomes arrested and taken to "Sanctuary of Ptomise", to be rehabilitated, it is the worst and best for her though she didnt think so. She had not been able to take her brothers food and now they were gone and she was left searching for them, after she finished her time at the Sanctuary school. They were good to her there and she was taught to become a teacher. when she was offered a job teaching in faraway Montana she accepted and left notes all around Cincinnati for her brothers to find her, always hoping one day they would be reunited.
Montana was so different from Ohio and Hailee met many new folks and fell in love with the area.
From the beginning Nate met her at the station and became a friend showing her around the area and introducing her to everyone. They both felt "sparks" from the moment they met- could this street urchin turned teacher and a pastor find comon grounds to build a relationship on?
The community embraced Hailee and she was a good teacher for them.
I enjoyed reading this book and seeing how the brothers eventually did find their sister and Hailee thrived in her new home.
Second chances can abound when we least expect them-we must put our faith in the bigger picture and not limit what can be....

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