Monday, May 16, 2016

The Amish FirefighterThe Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton
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Laura V Hilton writes a novel "The Amish Firefighter"

Abigail Stutzman has been taken to a bus station and sent many miles from home and family ,not knowing WHY...She is to live with an aunt that she never knew she had, to say she is heartbroken would only be a smidgin of what she feels.

Sam Miller is an amish man but has an unusual job,he likes to work with firemen and is an EMT. A paramedic-in-training. There have been too many fires in his community and he wants to know WHY...then Abigail shows up and also is found at one of the scenes of a barn fire.

How can she explain-she is only in the wrong place , not the "fire-lighter" as Sam calls her.

In the midst of making friends in a new community Abigail befriends some she should not. soon she learns but by then the damage has been done and Sam questions HOW Abigail always seems to be in the wrong place.

These two seem to be thrown together in the next few weeks and as they get to know one another, there are sparks that fly which each of them tries to squash not wanting there to be anything between them. Abigail and Sam soon realize there is no use to deny and come to terms with their budding relationship.

many have great comments for this author and her story but from a readers prospective this review is written to remind others that a book is just a book until you open and read the pages and immerse yourself with the characters who will touch your heart in the author's story.

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