Friday, May 27, 2016

Christmas at Holly HillChristmas at Holly Hill by Martha   Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another wonderful story from Martha out on the prairies..."Christmas at Holly Hill"

This is not a big Christmasy book as I thought when I started it. Holly Hill is an orphanage and the couple that run it with their daughter love children so much that it just seems like a big loving family.

Clayton Barlow has just came back to town after serving time in prison, he got into trouble when young with a group of young men that were up to no good. To make matters worse -his father-was the one that let the sherriff know he had been involved in a robbery. Clay only wants to come back to town and earn respect again -mostly from his aging parents.

Most of the towns people are not too forgiving but right away he runs into an old school chum,Merry Lee Warner, whom he had went to school with and even had a crush on before things went bad for him. She is a loving caring person and accepts him as he his and wants to renew their friendship. Can Clay prove that he has changed his ways and have others accept him?

Martha Rogers has these characters pull us into their lives as the pages turn, chapter after chapter. Soon we are hoping right along with Clay for them to see he has changed.

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