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The Journey (Kentucky Brothers, #1)The Journey by Wanda E. Brunstetter
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Series Kentucky Brothers by Wanda Brunstetter, Book #1"The Journey"

Wanda Brunstetter has a great love for the Amish people and she writes wonderful stories that depict the life so well, I always enjoy picking up a book by this author and am thrilled when a series has several for added enjoyment.

This book tells the story of Titus who has a twin brother (Timothy) and he has always felt like he didn't quite measure up.  Timothy always did everything so well and married young, now has a family and working leading a good life, Titus feels the need to move to Ky from Pennsylvania after a longtime girlfriend leaves the community and is not sure she wants to marry Titus.
In Kentucky Titus meets a wonderful family, The Yoder's, they have a daughter Suzanne who looks a lot like his girlfriend so Titus tries to stay away from her because she makes him remember Phoebe...Her father hires Titus to work in his workshop with wood and he loves the job and soon makes friends with many people, except Suzanne.
Kentucky is so different from Pennsylvania and Titus finds he likes living here even though he misses his family -esp. his twin brother.
Life in any community has its ups and downs and Titus matures as he lives and works with the Yoders in Ky.
Over time as he sees more of Suzanne he realizes she is nothing like his old girlfriend and he begins to talk to her and they start courting.  They are just getting close when life throws a monkey wrench into their lives....Phoebe, the old girlfriend shows up in Ky.
She is broke and wants Titus to take her back, she wants to marry and live in Ky with him.  Titus had strong feelings once for this girl and he doesn't want to hurt her,but he is confused by her showing up unnannounced now that he is finally getting his life together and put the past behind him.
He decides to not see either woman until he can pray about this situation and have a clear head.  This causes both women to feel hurt and confused and Suzanne feels he will most likely go back to Phoebe and she is heartsick....
You will enjoy reading the stories of the Ky Brothers and the way life changes for them in their choices.
I liked the way Wanda handled the situation in the book and many of us today should do more of that , meditating in God's word and with prayer before we make choices in our lives.

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