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Jerry Eicher writes about growing up in "My Amish Childhood"

                            ...  The Amish Life may be Simple but It's Never Boring....

My Amish Childhood: A True Story of Faith, Family, and the Simple LifeMy Amish Childhood: A True Story of Faith, Family, and the Simple Life by Jerry S. Eicher

My Amish Childhood by Jerry Eicher
This is a story written by Jerry about how he grew up, a True story of Faith,Family and the Simple Life....

In the states the amish contemplated foreign missions as a way to reach more people for God so they began with two farms in Honduras, sending families to start this group.  There were many hardships and life was so different there from the states...A different culture.  One thing I see is there was much stealing among the local folks and the amish had hard time keeping anything safe and secure.  Even the folks that they got to work for them were finally found out to be ones stealing from them also.

Jerry as a child seemed to have a lot of free time to move about and he liked being able to view things that were happening around him.  This child told lies even though he knew it was wrong and always seemed to have trouble with others because of his stuttering problem.  Many folks just did not understand what he was saying and at times misunderstood what he was trying to communicate.  He spent much of his time staying away from folks and other children and I suppose this is why he liked to roam and just view things.
As time went on it seemed the amish folks relaxed many of their rules simply because they were so far from the states and other amish folks.  There was much division among the leaders because of this.
Jerry's father had a machine shop that had many tools that would not have been possible back in the states.  Many of the elders did farming and there were many chores to be done.
Jerry lived his young life simply doing whatever he wanted for the most part though he did do chores told to do and he loved his parents and other family members, yet he felt he didn't fit in because of his stuttering problems.  There finally came a time when He felt God come into his life and convict him of the many things he had done wrong and he went about trying to make amends with the folks he had wronged.
Jerry loved the land and mountains of the Honduras and didn't want to move back to the states but later in life the group finally did just that leaving a small grp there to carry on.

From his birthplace in Canada to strange lands and languages of the rural life in the Honduras then back again to the states, Jerry's adventures will astound you.  The Simple Life didn't seem so simple in a place where the culture was so different.  Come and read about this author's childhood and growing up Amish....

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