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A Noble GroomA Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund
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Jody Hedlund writes a novel "A Noble Groom"

Annalisa Werner lives a hard life in Michigan 1880.  She has a weak husband that treated her like an object instead of cherishing her as his wife. He stole her egg money and gambled it away caring little that the mortgage soon must be paid so when he died suddenly she did not grieve as a loving wife but then wondered what would happen now, how would she work the farm..they had a small child, Gretchen, a beautiful little girl.  It was much later that she realized she was to have another child.
The men in the family determined the fate of the women and almost instantly it was noted that they would find her a husband to carry on with the they sent word to the old country to send someone.
In the old country their were noblemen and then the poorer classes.
A servent in the Baron Von Reichart home learned of the need and knew they must send the son who had been arrested on false charges to America where he would be safe, he was given the name Carl Richards and told to go help the young woman until her groom arrived from the old country.
Journeys to America took a long time and were very hard on folks but he finally made his way there and offered his help under his new assummed name.
Annalisa knew from the start there was something different about this man, He did not look like one of them and he knew even less about work on a farm...There was never a more determined man though and Carl worked hard each day for Annalisa's farm and then stayed at night in her fathers barn.
Annalisa's brother took pity on Carl and taught him how to do chores and watched to make sure he did not mistreat his sister.  It was a very hard life and Carl thought many a day that he would just lay down and die from the exhaustion.
Carl had his faith and he often spoke to Annalisa about God.  She was reluctant to believe that God would help her but in time the faith of this hard working man creeped back into her soul.  You see once you are saved God never leaves you, it is you that leaves him for a time and you must make your way back to the relationship you had from the beginning..He waits there for you.
you will enjoy reading the story of Annalisa and Carl and how they find comfort from one another until her groom appears and shakes the boat so to speak, because by now the couple have found they care for one another.
Secrets never stay hidden and life is never just what we think it will be, Typhoid Fever came and many  were quarnenteed in their homes,many died...a devastating fire consumed everything in its path and many hid in wells on property to survive when they could not reach the lake. It was a time of much hardship working the lands in Michigan and only the strong would survive...
I loved the era and the characters of this story and you will too...
I was given this book from the author for a honest review , thank you for the opportunity to read this wonderful story.  Once again you have written a great story from facts and fiction added...

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