Friday, March 29, 2013

It is Easter time again and today is "Good Friday" the day that we remember Jesus death on the Cross, his horrible death gave us life for eternity...God shed his grace by giving his son to die in our place.  I hope that you have a relationship with Jesus-God and the Holy Spirit today

                            .. I found a short article I wrote before on Good Friday and wanted to share it with you...

.;Good Friday
DATE: 04/22/11 05:11 pm
STATUS: publish
Many Many years ago Jesus walked this earth as you and I do today, He came as a baby and was raised by Joseph and Mary.; He went about his fathers business and was known to be in the synagogs(Church) teaching even as a young boy.; He grew to manhood and was tempted as you and I are today. He lived his life; as an example that we should follow.; On a friday He was hung on a cross high on a hill and mocked and scorned by soldiers and the people of the day.; He gave his life that you and I might be free from the snare of the devil if we choose to be.; We can have eternal life and live with him on high forever because HE gave his life for;our sins.;We can look forward to Easter Sunday when he Arose from the grave as we one day will arise from ours and live eternally. He said In his fathers home there are many mansions and we shall live there one day.; I;want to be in that number when my time on this earth is over. Thank You Heavenly Father....

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