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The StruggleThe Struggle by Wanda E. Brunstetter
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Series "Kentucky Brothers" by Wanda Brunstetter, the last book is ~The Struggle~

#3 book is the story of Timothy, twin to Titus.  Timothy married young and some thought he did not choose well as he married a young woman that was very close to her mother.  They saw one another often and she always consulted her mother about a problem or just daily life to the extent that Timothy felt he did not come first in her life as he felt he should after they married.
Brothers Titus and Samuel had moved to Ky and both loved the new place and they encouraged Timothy to think of moving to seperate this mother and daughter.
Hannah of course felt like he was just being "plain out mean" to move her away from her family and the only life she had ever known.
They lived with Samuel and his children for awhile till they could sell their home and get another and living with someone is always hard.
Samuel had lost his wife before moving to Ky and a new start, He was seeing a young woman and he planned to remarry but this was put on hold to help his brothers family.  Esther came each day to watch Samuels children while he worked. She had grown to love the children and the Father after they moved to Ky. Now there were two women in one home doing chores together and soon Hannah was upset about this too, if she had to be in this foreign place she wanted her own home and things.
Hannah and Timothy had a little girl who she was very protective of and she seldom let her be out of sight.  when a terrible accident took the life of this little one, Hannah was devastated, she blamed her husband for not putting screens on window that the child fell from and the marriage was crumbling very fast.
Hannah felt she could no longer love or trust this man so she packed her things and left to return home, she knew she needed her mother.
Timothy went through a really bad time ..now he had lost his daughter AND his wife also.. he worked nonstop trying to keep himself busy.  He was on the verge of a breakdown himself.
You will enjoy reading this story and seeing how God brings these two back together and they are able to forgive and love again.  We will see the marriage of Samuel and Esther and how his children thrive with a new mama.
Amid the ashes of grief and struggle, will renewed love, faith and hope emerge?
I enjoyed reading this series and seeing three brothers find  new homes in Ky, loving the lands and the people ..finding Love is there when we seek God first in our lives and ask his guidance with everything. "Lean not unto thy own understanding"....

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