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The Healing (Kentucky Brothers, #2)The Healing by Wanda E. Brunstetter
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Series of "The Kentucky Brothers" by Wanda Brunstetter, Book#2 The Healing

This story is the one of Samuel, leading a good life with the wife he chose from his youth, they have three children and another on the way when a terrible accident takes the life of his beloved wife Elsie.  Samuel is blindsided was so sudden.  One day she was there, the next gone and he had a very hard time functioning as each day the sun shone on another day and his children needed him.  The family was concerned as they saw how Samuel became a shadow of the former man.
Titus had moved to Kentucky some time before and while there for the funeral he told his brother he should move near him and he would help him get started, maybe being in  a new place would help him get started again living life as God wants us to live our lives.
Samuel and the children moved in with Titus till his place could be sold and he could get another there.  He found work and threw himself into that to lessen his pain.  He met a young amish woman and had her come stay with the children during the days while he worked but his heart needed much mending before he could see how wonderful this young woman was.
Titus had been engaged when Samuel moved there and now his relationship was strained as he needed to spend much time with cooking for Samuel's family and just being there for them.
Esther while working with Samuel's children come to love them and did her best to see they had someone to pay attention since their father was so "absent".  She felt his pain and wanted to help him but knew just being there and helping was all she could do for now and she tried to see that Samuel spent some times with the children.  In time He noticed this young woman Esther and she helped him by spending time with him and the children like a picnic by the river and fishing, simple things bringing the family together and she knew she was beginning to care a lot for Samuel and prayed one day he would see her also.
You will enjoy reading this story of a strong love in a family and the grief they went through when one was lost, their coming back to normalcy of everyday life and learning to live and love again.  Life moves on and we must embrace it and live as God would want us too.  One day at a time, sharing with one another his Love.
Samuel and Esther found a different type love then what he had before but after much time grief did loose its grip and a new family came together...

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