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Still FaithfulStill Faithful by Jewell Tweedt
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Still Faithful is book #2 in Back to Omaha adventure by Jewell Tweedt

I have read both of these books by Jewell and the only thing I can find wrong with them is that they are too small.. The characters are wonderful and following them through the books makes you come to love them and feel as if you are right along with them on their adventure.
Cal Davidson was a young man full of life and felt he should serve when the war broke out, leaving his sweetheart, Claire.  The young couple had identical 1/2 heart necklaces they wore around their necks and when the war was over and they were together again the heart would be whole again as theirs would be too.
War is a horrible thing though and no one can predict what the future will be and when Cal didn't come back even after 3 years later, Claire moved to Omaha when an aunt died and she inherited a store.
Claire felt she needed to move on with her life and though Omaha was a rough town she loved it and not long after going there she was courted by the sheriff Tom.
Arianna Quincey lives near Omaha in book #2 and she comes from a hard working family that has many children,they are barely making a living..So Arianna at the age of 19 felt she wanted more then to be a farmers wife and talked her parents into letting her move into Omaha and help her cousin in the store that Claire has.  Claire now is married to Tom and has a baby.  They live out of town on a ranch.
There are small rooms behind the store that Arianna can live in and she takes her dog to town with her to be protection.  This young woman feels she wants to remain unmarried and find out what life is about.  almost immediately she meets a young man who is the new deputy in town and there is an attraction between the two.  Jason has a secret and feels he needs to keep his distance.  It seems the two are thrown together many times and soon begin courting as Jason's heart warms to this young girl who has so much courage striking out on her own.
You will enjoy reading this series by Jewell and meeting these wonderful characters, I am anxious to read book #3 when it is out.
My heart broke for Cal and his troubles weaved through these first two books.  There is a kidnapping, mystery surrounding the deputy. bad guys and good guys in this rough and tough town of Omaha and I know you will enjoy their adventure written by a young woman who grew up in Omaha.

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