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The Tutor's DaughterThe Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen
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The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen

Emma Smallwood has always helped her father who is a tutor of young boys, many times the boys would play pranks on her but she paid them no mind, letting them think they did not bother her.
Emma's father lost his wife and the school began to fail when there were no young boys to teach and Emma had the forethought to write The Westons to see if they might like to send their younger two sons to the school as they had done the two older ones before.
She soon got a letter inviting the tutor and his daughter to come to the Cornwall coast manor and live in residence and teach the two younger boys for a year.  The father was excited to make the move and soon they let their home out and moved to the Coast.
Many things happened after they arrived and it was even mentioned a ghost of the first Mrs Weston might be the culprit.  Emma did not believe in ghost so she was always on the lookout to see what might be happening.  at night a piano would be played and no one knew who was playing, items turned up missing from Emma and Henry's rooms.
A young ward Lizzie  lived in the Manor along with Philip, who had returned from university. a new wife for the Baronet and Henry the oldest son who was taking care of the running of the Manor at his fathers request.  Henry and Philip were the sons that the Smallwoods had tutored before and the reunion was a happy one for them.
Many ships crashed on the dangerous waters near the cliffs on the Weston properties and there was a very old church jutting into the sea that had been there many years and was slowly being destroyed by the sea.  Henry loved the old church and the history of it and went there often and even gave Emma a tour of it one day.
There was sibling rivally between the younger sons and the older sons and a mystery to the old manor that Emma felt seep around her while she was there.
Julie made this old manor and the coast come to life with the family and as all families seem to have some secrets this one did.  you will like reading and learning more of this story.

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