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Betrayal (Where The Heart Lives, #2)Betrayal by Robin Lee Hatcher
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Series where the Heart Lives Book #2 "Betrayal" by Robin Hatcher

"Kindred spirits"  I would say this was Hugh Brennan and Julia Grace

She was owner of a small ranch that needed help after her husband died suddenly.  He had a brother that wanted the land and was always trying to get Julia to sell to him.  She felt a peace after the husband died and knew she wanted to remain on the lands.
Hugh Brannen had a quest in his soul to find his sisters, they had been torn apart when his mom died and he at the age of 13 promised to care for them and keep the family together, this proved more then a boy could do and they were sent west on the orphan train to find new homes and parents.
Hugh's father found him and brought him to live with him and taught him the life of a pick-pocket and Hugh ended up spending time in prison when he did as he was told.  after getting out and eeking a living out moving across the lands he was determined to find his sisters.
One cold windy day their paths crossed when Hugh stopped at Julia's ranch for water for his horse and noticing the horse was lame he asked for work and to stay awhile to rest his horse.
Julia needed help though she could not afford it and decided he could stay for room and board if he would help her.  they needed one another and this was good arrangement.
You will enjoy reading this story as I did of Hugh and Julia getting to know one another and finding forgiveness and Love to share making their lives less lonly.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful read. This is my first time reading a review, so thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I am a new follower, looking forward to your posts.