Thursday, February 14, 2013

The LessonThe Lesson by Suzanne Woods Fisher
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Series "Stoney Ridge Seasons" book #3 is~The Lesson~ by Suzanne Woods Fisher

I remember the fiesty little girl known only by M.K. from book #1 and she has grown up to be a young woman that marches to a different drummer.  This young woman is not your typical amish girl.  Most love to teach and would love the idea but when presented with the idea that she would be the teacher you would have thought her swarm of bees that she works with were buzzing around her coming in for the kill.
Reading the stories before this one will make lot of things plainer but still each book reads "good" on their own.  I loved the characters of this series Amos Lapp, is a wonderful honest hard working man that his daughters have wrapped around their fingers. M.K.(Mary Kate) is the youngest and now age 19, she has a restless soul and never seems to be satisfied but all through the book you can see she is working on finding the answers.
She rides a little scooter around the community and has been known to close her eyes and zoom down a hill just for the thrill of it.  She has grown up with Jimmy Fisher and some think he will be her husband when the time comes to marry.  To M.K. he is a close friend.
Chris and his sister Jenny move into the community and there is a bit of mystery of who he is and what his past was.  He is a hard worker and keeps to himself.  He finds a job with Amos Lapp who had heart problems and can use some help at his farm.  He sends Jenny to school where she meets M.K. the new teacher and she thinks this woman knows nothing about being a teacher and life is boring for a time.
You will enjoy reading this story and see how Mary Kate finds her Joy in Life from teaching and the young man that finally gets her attention.  Secrets are opened in book #3.  Love is found along with forgiveness when the Mother of Chris and Jenny shows up.  Amos finally makes peace with an old hurt and Fern(Amos second wife) seems to be the glue that holds all together.
I think "The Lesson" is a wonderful name for this book as many are learned.  Thanks Suzanne for a wonderful series, I hate to leave this family.

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  1. Love Suzanne Woods Fisher but have not started this series yet. Looks like I may have too.

  2. I agree, read the other books first. You'll enjoy The Lesson more if you do. You'll fall in love with Mary Kate!

  3. I am looking forward to digging into this series at some point. I am planning on starting with book one, which is already in my reader. Thank you for your review.
    -Gilded Grace