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Series Emma Raber's Daughter by Jerry Eicher, book #1 Katie Opens Her Heart

Katie Opens Her HeartKatie Opens Her Heart by Jerry S. Eicher
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Here is the touching story of an awakening young Amish girl, Katie Raber, who finds she wants more from life than to be known as simply "Emma Raber's daughter."  I enjoyed reading about Katie and her lonliness touched my heart.

A new series by Jerry Eicher "Emma Raber's Daughter" this book Katie Opens Her Heart....

Katie and her mother live alone after her father dies when she is just a little girl.  Emma Raber has a  secret from long ago that she has never told Katie.  Emma holds a little tighter reign on her daughter as she grows up wanting to protect her from the hurt that she had known.  Katie is feeling just a  little smothered and reached out to some Mennonite young people who want to be friends.
Emma knows that her daughter needs a father's guidance and has for a long time so when Jesse Mast comes around wanting her friendship and maybe a little more she is apprehensive at first and tells him she needs no help and is doing just fine on her own.  Jesse is a persistant man and he knows his children need a new mother after they lost theirs so he comes again and again and even suggest they marry.
This story tells of Hearts closed that needed to be opened and of God's forgiveness for old hurts...
Emma feels  she is too old to start over with another man but if it will help her daughter to stay away from the Mennonites she is willing to let Jesse come by and it doesn't take long for her heart to see that this good man would make a wonderful husband and father.
She has some problems though when another in the community sets her cap for this good man and makes it her business as a schoolteacher to butt into Jesse life trying to woo him by her attention to his children who like her as she is their schoolteacher.  They dont want their father to marry but if he must then they want it to be the schoolteacher....
Now we have much confusion added to the situation and poor Jesse is torn not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings...
It seems the Lord has many hearts to work on in this story and we all know that he can change us if we but accept and hear his still small voice.

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