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FoundFound by Shelley Shepard Gray
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The Secrets of Crittenden County series and book #3!"Found" by Shelley Shepard Gray

In this series there was a murder that sort of hung around and got solved in this last book but ~ reading this book alone is possible as I did, still enjoying the characters and their anguish of this ordeal all were going through in the community. not knowing..........

Deborah had a brother go missing and because he was the type of person he was that always seemed to rub folks the wrong way, she assumed along with others that he had left the community.  Brother Perry had a way of making others feel small by his actions and words.  Deborah had always been late going to school with him and his friend Jacob Schrock,,but she didn't mind as she liked to watch Jacob, she thought him a boy that she wanted him to notice her though he didn't at the time.
Jacob was an only child which was unusual in amish lives as most folks had many children, his father doted on him and he always was around at the Schrock's variety store.  Growing up and seeing folks coming and going from the store he overheard many conversations and his father told him he must not repeat what others said and just ignore their conversations ..easier said then done and he knew things sometimes that he should not have and felt he was always keeping secrets...
Book #3 settled more on solving the murder of Perry, yes it had been decided it was a murder after his body had been found.  investigation in amish community was different it seemed from other places.  I enjoyed reading this story and seeing Deborah and Jacob come closer together because each needed the other and they did not realize this for some time.  Secrets became unraveled and love filled up the holes where deceit and untrustworthiness reigned.....

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