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The Wings of Morning (Snapshots in History, #1)The Wings of Morning by Murray Pura
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First time to read one of Murray Pura books but It won't be the last, he writes a wonderful historical romance that keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next....
                If I take the Wings of the Morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea.. even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me..Psalm 139:9-10

"The Wings of Morning" by Murray Pura

This is the story of Jude Whetstone who found he loved to fly aeroplanes at the time when there was much controversy if Amish should be in the clouds flying...
Lyyndaya Kurtz was a young woman of the Amish community where Jude and his father had come to be new converts, she was a girl that loved adventures and Jude grew up liking her spirit and how she saw life.
There are many wonderful characters in this story and you will enjoy reading about them like Emma who was a little flirty but the daughter of the Bishop and she found that she too liked this young man that grew up liking aeroplanes and wanting to fly more then anything else...
When Jude and his friends in the community are gathered and transported to an army base because they will not join the army and fight many folks have their faith tested ..The young men are not treated well while in custody and circumstances have Jude agreeing to join the army and fly for them even though in his heart of hearts this is not what he wants to do...He says he wants to save souls is the reason he joins and you will enjoy reading how his community's feelings change and change again about this young man who has became important in Lyyndaya's life.  The amish do not believe in fighting and this is war times.
Can Jude's faith sustain him through War-Persecution-misunderstanding, shunning and even being shot down in enemy territory?
Lyyndaya's faith is so strong and she believes in this young man, will it sustain her..while so many turn away ..can she hold on, waiting for Jude to return to the community?
Thank you Murray Pura for the many Bible verses about wartimes and the wonderful characters that flew with Jude....I enjoyed learning more about the early aeroplanes..

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