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Into the WhirlwindInto the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden
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Into the Whirlwind written by Elizabeth Camden

Some of the scenes in this story had me wondering how Elizabeth would save her characters...your emotions will definately be engaged as you read about the great Chicago fire and of the folks that survived it.

Mollie was just a young woman when her father died and she had to take charge of his business that had grown with his fellow survivors of war, they named the business 57th Watch company in honor of that group.  His employees were a small group that had disabilities and she felt like a "Mother Hen" many times as she looked out over the guys...  They not only made watches but they made fancy beautiful ones..

There were many hardships after the fire destroyed so much of Chicago and many were displaced living in tents and shelters, anyplace they could find to lay their heads.  Mollie and her group found a burned out church they stayed in that had no roof.  Sophie was a young rich spoiled girl they found along the way that they took under their wing to help, she was often disruptive and not a happy child to be around yet Mollie wanted to help and care for her, knowing she was probably scared to death in the horrific fires.  Sophie has a story within this story and watching her change is a sight to behold.

Zack had fallen in love with Mollie from afar, he loved her courage and the way she lives her life.  He helps her along the way as the fire rages and she is in awe of his strength and his courage to help when he could have went home and been safe.  but...He helped her through the streets to the lake through the inferno and danger.

Zack came from a questionable background and felt he owed his boss who helped him become an attorney and pulled him up by the bootstraps -so to speak-into a better life.  This sometimes gets in the way of doing what he wants to do with his life.  Many times he helps without being rewarded or even had it known that he was the one helping when Mollie needs a helping hand.

You will be in awe as you read the story of Mollie and Zack and then wonder how it all will change when another man steps in to help Mollie rebuild her business.  two men have hopes of winning the lovely Mollie,who will be honored to stand beside her...who will let her be herself and love her despite her strong character.

Thank you Elizabeth for such strong characters that I grew to love before finishing reading this book.  I am so glad that I found this author and you will be glad too if you have not read her and pick up this one to read.

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