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The Lady of Bolton HillThe Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden
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The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden

I loved getting to know Claire and Daniel when they were just kids but the story really rocks when they meet again after twelve long years and much living in between for both of them.

Claire is the daughter of a preacher and lives the good life as she grows up while Daniel comes from a family that is of a lower class, his dad works at the steam mill, Daniel likes to tinker with things and has been known to work on the machinery at the mills to help it keep running at times.  When an accident at the mill happens and his father dies, he is devastated and blames the owner of the mill.  He lets the hate and anger consume him as he goes into adulthood and becomes a wealthy man from patents. I think of the verse in the Bible about "having the whole world but losing your soul," Is appropiate here...

Claire worries for Daniel when they reunite and she sees how vengeful a person he has become, when she tries to steer him towards the church, he will have nothing to do with it.  Their love of music is a bond that enriches their lives and they strive to build on it.

Unions cause much conflict in the city where they live and when Claire goes missing He blames his old boss first and formost and spends lot of time looking to find the love of his life.

We are introduced to "Bane" in his younger days here and his work in the opium business, his cruelty learned from a man that had abducted him and held him captive so many years.  I was amazed at how Claire finally touched his soul.

Thank you Elizabeth for another wonderful rich story filled with Love along with the darker side of life.   I love to read this author and once you find her stories you will too.

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  2. Thanks so much for this wonderful review. I've read one of Elizabeth's books and would love to read more. Thanks also for stopping by my blog today. It's great to meet you! :)