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The Guardian (Home to Hickory Hollow #3)The Guardian by Beverly  Lewis
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A new series Home to Hickory Hollow with book #3"The Guardian" by Beverly Lewis

I was honored to see this author when she came to Statesboro Ga on book tour for this book, she is such a quiet genteel woman just as I assumed she would be.  I have read many of her books and this one was just as good as the others, she tells the amish stories well.

A little different this time we see an english person coming into the amish area to house-sit for friends and she spies a very young girl all dirty and without her dress all curled up under a tree when she goes running one morning...this will drastically change her life.

Jodi Winfield has lost her sister recently and now feels she cannot pray or feel close to God as she did before. she and her sister were so close and the memories invade her thoughts daily.  Jodi is a school teacher without a job and she looks for schools while being in Lancaster Pa by computer.  She has a betrothed that has chosen a year apart to work in another country as a school teacher, they are at odds because Jodi feels she does NOT want to be a mother and he must accept this revelation before they puts a damper on their relationship.  Jodi after theloss of her sister feels to love a child that she might lose is more then she can bear...

The little girl lost Sarah comes from an amish family and speaks only Pa dutch so is unable to communicate with Jodi when found but they seem to bond when she takes her home with her and cleans her up and feeds her.  Jodi has strong feelings towards the child and her heart strings are tugged as she helps find the family and reunite them again.

Sarah tells everyone that her angel has found her and all the family seem to concur.  They are so thankful she was found and returned unharmed.  Sarah is the last of the children of MaryAnna as she lost her husband in a farm accident.
I think Jodi was meant to find this family and they helped her find God again in her life.  Her caring of Sarah and their bonding helped her to see that a life without children would be empty indeed.
I have not read all the books in this series but the story was a great one as stand alone.  I am sure I will read the others though as I so enjoyed this glimpse into Hickory Hollow again.

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