Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Unforeseeable (Road to Kingdom #3)Unforeseeable by Nancy Mehl
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Series Road to Kingdom, book #3"Unforseeable" by Nancy Mehl

Romance and mystery the ending is Unforseeable, you will be quite surprised...I know I was.

This book begins with a body being found and an investigation soon follows leaving the folks in Kingdom feeling a little unsecure.  A feeling that this little community was not used to.  They were a close knit group of folks and most spent time at the resturant where Lizzie says "Murder and Meatloaf just don't go together".
Callie Hoffman grew up in Kingdom Kansas with a very strict father after her Mother left them years ago.  She was just beginning to see life a little differently after her father dies and Levi ask her to marry him..Callie has loved Levi since she as just a little girl and never thought he would ever take a second look at her.
Life has its ups and downs even in Kingdom and you will enjoy reading this story that Nancy writes so well.

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