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Love Stays True (The Homeward Journey #1)Love Stays True by Martha   Rogers
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Series The Homeward Journey-book #1 "Love Stays True" by Martha Rogers

Can Sallie and Manfred overcome the distance that the war has put between them and find Love?

This question looms as we read the story...Sallie waiting day after day not knowing if Manfred is alive or dead.
Manfred along with his brother Edwin are in a prisoner of war camp being treated worse then animals, the only good spot in their dismal days with meager food is one soldier has a moment of kindness and returns their Bibles to those that had them.  I believe that the faith of these men helped them to get through unspeakable conditions in war times.
The war finally ends after many long years and many lives gone, many disabled.
Manfred and Edwin start their long journey home by foot and it is amazing to read of the many kind and helpful folks they find along the way.  It had been a trying time for all yet they would offer food and lodging thus restoring the mens faith in their fellow men.  Both young men wanted to repay kindness and helped along the way.  Hearts that could have been bitter filled with love....
On the homefront families had been torn apart, homes lost, fear at every corner as folks tried to live their lives and rebuild what once they had.  Sallie stays true to her feelings for Manfred and though she hears little from him, believes he will return and she will wait for that day.
Martha told a wonderful story about life after the Civil war of folks waiting at home and of the soldiers returning.
I was given this book by The Booketeria to read and review...I have enjoyed reading it.

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