Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Wedding KissThe Wedding Kiss by Hannah Alexander
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The Wedding Kiss by Hannah Alexander

My first read by this author and really loved the story, it will make you want to keep reading even when you get to end of chapter...

This was a marriage of convenience wasn't it???? What a kiss after being proclaimed husband and wife, Keara looked at Elam thinking oh my what have I got myself into...

They were friends so when she found out her home farm had been gambled away and she would have no where to go she turned to her friend first.  Marry me Elam because you need the help with your children and home and I need a home...This was supposed to be a marriage of convenience to both.

You will enjoy reading this wonderful story that has adventure along with the romance and keeps you on your toes to see what will happen next.  I look forward to another book from this author.

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  1. Oooo sounds good! Thanks for the review!
    I will have to look this one up.