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Katie's Forever Promise (Emma Raber's Daughter, #3)Katie's Forever Promise by Jerry S. Eicher
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Series of Emma Raber's Daughter- book #3 "Katie's Forever Promise" by Jerry Eicher

~I think Jerry is quitely racking up quite a number of well written books that the public is finding delightfully "Good reads".  His childhood of growing up amish and teaching in amish and mennonite schools has made a solid background for this man ~

I have enjoyed reading the stories of Emma and her daughter in this series. Katie now has a job as a teacher and is settled into life more securely since the time when she lost contact with Ben Stoll, a young man whom she felt very intense feelings for and just knew they would be together one day.  Ben got mixed up with some "Friends" who were going to help him have fun and make money...he soon found out that their ways were evil and he wanted out, esp after meeting Katie.  Ben could tell that Katie was a strong Believer and being around her helped him to become a better person.
While Katie was on a trip out of the country with mennonite friends she got news that Ben was in jail and this devastated her.

Book #3 tells of Ben coming home and trying to make up for all his past mistakes...some don't want to let him do that and he is in danger.  The family calls Katie to be a friend to Ben after he is shot and they are very concerned, though she has put Ben into her past.
Katie Raber is a young woman facing decisions that may change her life forever no matter what she decides...what would you do in a situation like this...come read the conclusion and see if Ben and Katie have a future...

I received this book to read and review from Harvest House Publishers,thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know this author a little better.

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