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Perfectly Matched (The Blue Willow Brides, #3)Perfectly Matched by Maggie Brendan
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Series The Blue Willow Brides book #3 "Perfectly Matched" by Maggie Brendan

I have not read the other books in this series but each book is about a mail-order Bride so they can be read stand alone..

#3 is about Anna Olsen who had been living with a sister till she was eighteen and then decided she needed a home of her own, choosing the path that her sisters had taken ...she chose to be a mail-order Bride.

Anna and Edward wrote letters back and forth getting to know one another that way and she just knew he had a wonderful heart and they would get along..

Anna is a feisty young woman that would rather be outdoors having an adventure then homemaking chores like cooking and cleaning.  This will take a lot of getting used to when she meets Edward in person and finds out he is very particular and soon after becoming a Bride she was given a list of chores that she would need to attend to.
Now these two seemed like a mismatched pair of socks one blue and one green but as we all know when you put the two together they give a nice shade of purple so Anna and Edward learned to compromise as the months went by...becoming Perfectly Matched.
The book touches on the society began long ago to help abused animals called ASPCA, Anna had a heart to help creatures that couldn't help themselves so began a chapter to help in their community.  She had much help from the community and even Edward's heart began to soften.
This is a wonderful story showing us how we don't always have to be so strict but with a willing heart can compromise and get done what is needed along with what we choose to add to our lives..
I loved reading the story of Anna's experience and know you will too.
I am sure I will go back and read the other sister's stories sometime as I like reading about Mail-Order Brides....

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  1. Oh I think I would love these! I love books about mail order brides!
    I will have to add them to my wish list! Thanks!

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  3. Thank you so much for reviewing my book. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Anna's story. :)