Thursday, September 5, 2013

Threads of Love (Fabric of Time #3)Threads of Love by Andrea Boeshaar
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Series Fabric of Time, book #3 "Threads of Love" by Andrea Boeshaar

Whenever I find a book by this author, I smile thinking of how much I am going to enjoy reading...though this is #3 and I had not read the other two-I was still anxious to read.
Emily Sundberg has her life all planned out, wanting to be a teacher,choosing whom she will marry and settling in to have a nice quite life until one US Deputy Marshal comes back into town, John Alexander Kirk Edgerton.
Their first meeting is quite traumatic as he runs her over literally knocking her to the ground.  When she is able to breathe again and stand up she realizes she knows this man.  He had been 13 when he visited his grandpa years ago and they became friends.
When he left town he took a piece of her heart with him and she always wondered what had happened to here he was, larger then life and twice as handsome.
Threads once started become stronger when interwined and they had began when this couple were young, can they get back the closeness they once had?  This story lets us know we can go back and life can be richer the second time when time unfolds misunderstandings and brings them to light.
You wont want to miss this book by Andrea, you don't have to pass a story up just because you have not read others in the series -this one is great stand alone.

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