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Rebellious HeartRebellious Heart by Jody Hedlund
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"Rebellious Heart" by Jody Hedlund

I love to read this author, she weaves historical facts into a fictional story that we can enjoy and makes us think back to history.  this story is written with the courtship of John and Abigail Adams.  They wrote many letters to one another throughout their courtship and their marriage, they truly were friends.

Susanna Smith like Abigail had a spirit of adventure and loved to read and learn more each day...she would stand outside room where her brother was being tutored and listen- hoping to learn some too....girls were told to master the skills of a home and didn't need lot of education.
Susanna and her mother did try to help the poor in the community and had caring hearts, this probably helped in her decision to help a young woman she met in the orchards near her home-shoeless and looking like a homeless waif.  She later learned she was an indentured servant running from a cruel master but this did not stop her from helping, she cared too much to just turn her away and put herself in danger to help.

Benjamin Ross came from a proud but poor family and has tried to better himself by becoming a lawyer, at the beginning of the story he is helping a hermit who has been accused of murder when several young girls in the area become assaulted and murdered viciously.  He believes The man not guilty of this crime and goes out of his way to help him.  Ben and Susanna had known each other as children and she likes his character but knows in her heart that she must marry someone who has a background and monies to give her family stability for the future, so when the two have feelings toward one another they try to put them behind them and just be friends.  Can a man and woman be "Just friends"?

Taverns and dark streets, British soldiers riding their horses along these streets spying on everyone.  Are their goods being brought into the harbor and secreted away so as to not pay taxes and fees that have risen so highly?  Ben finds himself trying to help a group secretly and there are many clandestine visits, He must not be found out or his life will be changed forever..

Two such strong caring people make this book a joy to read, thanks Jody for all your wonderful research and giving us both enjoyment and a history lesson.  It made me take a second look at the lives of John&Abigail Adams as I am sure it will others too..

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