Friday, November 22, 2013

Amanda Weds a Good Man (One Big Happy Family #1)Amanda Weds a Good Man by Naomi King
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Series One Big Happy Family by Naomi King, book #1 "Amanda Weds a Good Man"

Amanda is a young widow with three daughters to raise, after her husband was killed in accident with farming equipment so suddenly.  One day they were one big happy family and the next he was gone and she was struggling.

Amanda was allowed to work with pottery which she had a talant for making pretty pieces from.  With the monies from this and help from a nephew that she had raised from a child when his parents were killed, they were able to keep the place going though it was run-down and needed work it was livable and they were happy.

Wyman lived in Cedar creek and he was a widower with 5 children and he decided to court Amanda if she would have him as he thought her a strong honest good woman.  He just knew they could help one another raise these kids.  Wyman had lost his wife and his youngest daughter had been mute ever since seeing the accident that took her life.

The children all seemed to get along together but you never know what will happen when you put them together under one roof.  come along and read with me how this good man and woman pull together to raise their families.

Changes had to be made for all concerned in this move and they did well until a hard strict bishop came in wanting changes that seemed unusual to both Amanda and Wyman, read how Mother nature intervenes and life changes drasticly for this couple.

I received this book from another blog and was happy to be able to read this author that is new to me, I am ready to read more about this "Big Happy Family"...

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