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Trouble in StoreTrouble in Store by Carol Cox
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Trouble in Store a novel by Carol Cox

Melanie Ross is a governess because she likes small children and it is a good way to support herself.  In earlier days there were not too many ways for a young woman to do that.  Being a governess was short-lived when she was fired abruptly and told to leave...NOW

Melanie sifted through the few items she had from her family as she packed with tears rolling down her cheeks..."Where will I go"?  Her hands picked up a forgotten letter and as she reread the old words she remembered a cousin who had always said if she needed help come to him, then another letter from his partner told her of his death but that he had his things and would keep all for her if she should ever be able to come to Arizona.  smiling through the tears she thought " I have somewhere to go", with her last pay she travels to the man who just might give her a job in his store...

unbeknownst to her the partner had died also and his nephew had inherited the store, Caleb had a small son and had settled in running the store when all of a sudden Melanie arrives saying her cousin owned part of the store and she had inherited his share.

Life soon becames all topsy-turvy for Caleb and he wants things to stay the same.  The customers come to like this spirited young woman and as she settles in she finds she likes Arizona just fine.

The town becomes unsettled when there is a death on the back step of the store and soon they have put two and two together and decided there have been too many deaths in a short period of time and the sheriff has hard time keeping them from forming a group that will take the law into their hands before they know all the facts.

Reading this book gives us so much to think on, a young woman needing help..so helpless.  a young man raising his son needing help but not wanting to accept it...  can these two see through all there troubles and find a way to help one another.

Are the deaths murder?  accidental?  what is happening in this little peaceful town, come read and enjoy the story of Caleb and Melanie as it all gets straightened out...

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