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Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides: Christmas Hearts\Mistletoe Kiss in Dry CreekMail-Order Mistletoe Brides: Christmas Hearts\Mistletoe Kiss in Dry Creek by Jillian Hart

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Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides by Jillian Hart& Janet Tronstad

Two young women Mercy and Maeve are on a train heading to men whom they have never met to marry. They have written a few letters and decided for better or worse this will be the best for their futures. They become friends on the train...

Mercy has a 7 yr old son who is interested in horses and life on a ranch, he also wants a father and this move will give him both of those things.
Cole Matheson has a daughter whom he wants a Mother to help her be a young lady, the children like one another right away and this helps the adults draw closer too. you will enjoy reading this story and seeing how they mesh as a family and each is more fulfilled. I know I did. thanks Jillian for a great story once again....

Maeve meets her young man Noah Miller in Dry Creek where everyone knows everyone and no one stays a stranger for long. Noah doesn't want a wife only a good cook for his ranch hands. truth be known the men wrote the advertisment to get a wife who was a cook for him. Maeve has a 4 yr old daughter and she wants a family. Noah cannot be deceitful so he tells her about the men and how they want a cook. they both decide to wait a bit before getting married to get to know one another. Noah even has thoughts of maybe just letting her be a cook and not marry till he sees many of the men want a wife and would gladly take her. You must read this story and see how the two get along and Noah gets a daughter and a wife.
Thanks Janet for a great story , I love your stories set in Dry Creek with all the wonderful folks there.

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