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Within My Heart (Timber Ridge Reflections, #3)Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander
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Series Timber Ridge Reflections written by Tamera Alexander, book #3 "Within My Heart"

Rachel Boyd is one determined woman and that is probably why she is able to do the work of a man on her ranch after her husband dies.  She misses him terribly and wants to keep the ranch going for their sons.  This woman has a problem asking for help especially from one young doctor that moves her heart in a way that confuses her...

Dr Rand Brookston is a talanted man who chose to work as a country doctor though he had been asked to work in a large city hospital making lots of money.  He chose to come to this beautiful country and fell in love with the people here.  He yearns to help Rachel and feels the boys need the guidance of a man in their lives.
Rachel's father was a doctor and she always felt left out of his life because of his busyness,that she doesn't want to care for this doctor and when she finally lets him into her life a little she realizes that he is NOT her father or anything like him..He takes time for his patients and his friends.  Rachel knows something about doctoring herself having been around her father and is happy when she is helping in that field.  Can she let go of her husband's dream and look to her own in life...Rand is sure hoping one day that will happen.

Ben and Lydia run a general store in town and are loved by all that know them, they lost a boy and girl one wintry night and their lives had never been the same.  Losing a child has to be the hardest jolt in life for a young couple.  I was so touched when Ben had heart problems and the doctor helped him by doing a procedure to pull liquid from the lungs, almost unheard of in that time.  His courage at deaths door will warm your heart.

Mainly this story is about Rachel and Rand and her young boys, you will love reading about them --I know I did.

No one tells a story as well as this author has done and I am thankful I picked up this book to read even though it is book #3 and I had not read ones before.  It is a story in itself worthy of reading.

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