Saturday, October 4, 2014

                                            B H Cotton & Goldie Cotton(my parents)
                                              Bill,Sue and Linda.
                                            Gone to Glory~Mom-Daddy,Linda&Sue~

                                                                                   ~ Mom~
                                                     Goldie Lillian Belle Orr Cotton
                                                      October 4th, 1910-1998

Time has passed , sixteen years already since you left earth .
You brought so much joy and happiness to your family while here
no Mother could have done better...
I remember you were always there, a stay at home Mom who cared,
working inside and outside to make our lives better, Thank you.
Children, you had nine, don't always think to say that but ..
I hope you knew we all appreaciated the clean clothes, your cooking,
a home that let us grow up feeling loved , knowing you and daddy
were there and making a refuge like no other for us.
You had the aunts-uncles and cousins visit often and we grew up
knowing family and the value of it.  Thank you.
Today would have been another birthday for you
I hold dear all the ones we got to celebrate with you...
Memories...sweet memories..I have of Home and You.

Love your daughter
Pauline Cotton Osborne
October 4th,2014

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