Monday, September 29, 2014

With Every Breath
With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden
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With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

What a special story that gives us interaction between Kate Norton and The insufferable Trevor McDonough through their school years..
then moves on to Kate going on a job interview that brings her into a different kind of relationship with the same young man all  grown up with so many secrets.
Now you know Kate is going to have to find out what the secrets are all about.
When she finds herself having romantic feelings for the man -she is beside herself.  No- no way can she have those kind of feelings for the boy that wrested the scholarship away from her in school.  these two young people were so smart and always were trying to best one another.
You are going to find out lots of history on TB when they were trying to find a cure and the people that were used in a study.
Soon Kate finds herself trying to unlock mysteries about the man as well as the work and whom is trying to sabotage the work of Trevor who is now known as Dr T  M Kendall.
Elizabeth brings much to this book with romance lurking just under the surface for some time.  I always enjoy reading a book by this author and this one was fantastic.

I was given this book by The Bookclub Network and Bethany House publishing to read and review, thank you very much.

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