Friday, September 26, 2014

The RiverThe River by Beverly  Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The River is written by Beverly Lewis

The title  would make you think the story is mainly about a River, is and it isn't.  I think the story was more about two sisters who had left the amish community for reasons of their own and live in the "english world" as they call it when you leave the amish.
Tilly had a younger sister whom she cared for a lot die and she felt guilty that she was unable to save her, Tilly kept many things to herself not telling anyone how she felt. She felt she could not live there and see the place that anna had died so young all the time. She knew that God forgave her but she forgot to forgive herself.
Ruth had cared for Will Kauffman and when he made a choice that she was not comfortable with, she begged her sister to help her move from the amish community so she would not have to see him all the time.  She just wanted to forget all about Will and move on with her life.
An older brother invited the girls to come back for their parents 50th wedding anniversary when all the family would gather together, he also let them know their daed had heart problems and was not well.
Tilly and her daed had always seemed to not get along and they both needed to forgive and forget, they just did not talk to one another much and it had hurt the relationship over time.  There is much conflict and much happiness seeing all the family again..can you imagine?  many years had passed and Tilly had a husband and twin girls, no one in the family had ever seen them or knew about them.
So many secrets kept from one another...families should love one another enough to be close by communicating better...
I hope that as you read this story-if you have someone that there is a problem with in your life-you will speak about it together and make things right.
I am honored that I was given the opportunity to read and review this book for the author, thank you
Bethany House Publishers asked me to read-review this book and I have done so....

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