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Wonderful Lonesome (Amish Turns of Time, #1)Wonderful Lonesome by Olivia Newport
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Book #1,"Wonderful Lonesome" Series Amish Turns of Time written by Olivia Newport....

Wonderful is a great word to use for this story.  I loved reading about Abby Weaver who is a strong determined woman.  In this story a group of Amish folks, 12 families move to Colorado to start a settlement.  They are without a Bishop or church.  The families had their Bible readings and quiet time but no gathering together for singing and sermons.  It was a time of restlessness.  many craved to have the church services of before and hated waiting for a Bishop to come or be sent to their community.
Abby was the glue that kept many stuck in this limbo as she was determined they would make a go of it.  there were crop failures..stormy weather they were not used to -Hail-wind and droughts, wreck havoc- yet she hangs onto her belief -"It will work".
Willem is a single man who has cared for Abbie for a long time yet he puts off getting married.  Rudy another young man also cares for Abbie, she believes he is a friend and does not see it as anything more.
A young man named Jake had left the amish but is now back wanting to start a Mennonite church and has invited the amish folks to visit so they will be able to have church service and gather together.  For some this causes problems, Abby feels she will have to renounce all that she has ever known and believed if she goes to this church, Willem wants to try it and it causes a rift between them.
come read this "Wonderful" story and see what happens to this community and to a young woman who has two men care for her.

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