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Love Never Fails (The Homeward Journey #3)Love Never Fails by Martha   Rogers
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Series The Homeward Journey-final book#3"Love Never Fails" by Martha Rogers

I finished this book and felt yes, Love did conquer.  These young people in the story Molly with Stefan, Andrew and Clarissa all had problems with their parents and distance of where they lived wrecking havoc with a love relationship.
Martha found a way for them and made the story interesting to a reader.  Many times I thought "How will they overcome these obstacles and find Love everlasting?
Andrew was a Dr and became assistant to Daniel Whiteman in his practice, meeting Clarissa and Stefan when they visited with their parents from La.  Molly and Clarissa had been longtime friends and she wanted her to meet Andrew while she was there.
Molly always liked her brother Stefan when they were youngsters and now he is in army and uniform makes him so handsome that she begins to fall in love with him.
She finds herself at odds with this because she thinks killing is a terrible sin and tries to hold back her feelings.
This series brings the theme of strong Southern women forging ahead to new territories to find happiness through their faith, knowing when all else is gone that Love will be there.  a conquering Love prevails.

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