Saturday, December 27, 2014

Love Finds Faith (The Homeward Journey #2)Love Finds Faith by Martha   Rogers
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The Homeward Journey series by Martha Rogers, book #2 "Love Finds Faith"

I had read book #1 some time ago but it was not hard to get back into the characters and the story that Martha has for us in this series.
Hannah Dyer has always felt like she was an outcast with her deformity of one leg shorter then the other so does not look for a happy everafter...but then don't we all in our heart of hearts expect that?
Hannah finishes her nursing and plans a trip to Texas to help her sister's husband in his practice there.  A new beginning and one can always hope.
Micah Gordon returns home after leaving 5 years ago hoping also for a "New Beginning"...his is one of the prodigal son returning and his brother is angry about the way Micah left and never sent one word of his whereabouts or what he was doing.  Can these two find the road back together?  Micah hopes his family can forgive him and give him a chance.
The ranch at home falls on hard times and papa has heart problems from stress, will there be a happy ever after in this journey?  come read the story of these two characters as they move trough heartaches and finding faith is like a light at the end of the tunnel for Micah.  Hannah has a strong faith, that Micah sees when he views her life.  We all make choices can his become better ones now that he is home again....

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