Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Plain Love Song (The New Hope Amish #3)A Plain Love Song by Kelly Irvin
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Series The New Hope Amish, book- A Plain Love Song by Kelly Irvin

I always like to read stories about amish folks but this one is little different in that Adah Knepp has all her life heard words and set them to paper without anyone knowing, after all she is a Plain woman and they must not have music in their lives.  When she goes to clean in the Hunt home and meets Jackson who too loves music, trouble brews as she falls further and further into listening to him and away from the closest friend she has had in her amish community,Matthew.
Everyone has always assumed the two would marry -raise children and live in the community with the rest of their family and friends.
Adah is torn, the more she wants to do the right thing it seems, unexpectedly she is drawn away.
It is Adah's running around time before becoming member with the amish and settling down, she feels she can do some of the things she has but seems to always feel so guilty.  She wants the music and Matthew too, how can this be?
Kelly writes a wonderful story that tells of the indecision that goes on in a young amish girl's life, will she be able to find the right path...back to Matthew and her life as an amish frau?  come read about Faith-family and forgiveness.

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