Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alaskan SweetheartsAlaskan Sweethearts by Janet Tronstad
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Alaskan Sweethearts by Janet Tronstad

One place is called Dry Creek Alaska where an old gold mine holds many memories for one Colin Jacobson.  He and a friend fell in love with the same woman and it began a road of many mistakes for Colin,when he left knowing he could not give his love as much as his friend could.
An accident left three brothers without parents and Colin became their gaurdian raising them the best he knew how.
Dry Creek Montana was home for the boys and their grandfather and as the story begins they are grown and dealing with some of the mistakes the grandfather had made long ago.
Scarlett is the granddaughter of Colin's one time love and she has came with papers to be signed to the old homestead in Alaska. "Gramps is at it again" is the first thought that his grandson Hunter has and he wants to help Scarlett and her grandma not be disappointed.  
This story has many facets-Lost love,lost faith,lost trust.  Can they be found?
Going back to Alaska helps Hunter find a new beginning.

Thanks Janet for a wonderful story once again.
two Dry Creek's make for a charming story.

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