Friday, December 19, 2014

A Marriage for Meghan (Wayne County, #2)A Marriage for Meghan by Mary  Ellis
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A Marriage for Meghan-book#2(series Wayne County) by Mary Ellis

I got this book from library and was happy to read about Meghan wanting to be a teacher so bad that she tells the boy she has known all her life and everyone expected her to marry to back off...yes she needed time to pursue this career that she has dreamed of for very long time.  Do you think he will understand and be supportive or does she take a chance of losing the love they have always shared.
Meghan's dad is the Bishop and where his girls are concerned he sometimes gets in hot water with the elders.
Meghan is a little scatterbrained type and her dad wonders if she is up to being a teacher so he suggest older daughter come and be teacher with meghan as assistant so she can learn.  Sisters teaching together -do you think this is good idea?
there is a mystery involved as many of the amish have vandalism acts around their places and the local sheriff and even an FBI agent is called in when they think it could be hate crime.
Mary wrote a great story with the characters and we watched Meghan grow up in this book.

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