Monday, December 22, 2014

A Stranger's Wish (Amish Farm Trilogy, #1)A Stranger's Wish by Gayle Roper
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Book#1 -series Amish Farm triolgy,"A Stranger's Wish" by Gayle Roper

I have read these books back to front, 3-2-1 at different times and it was fun with the characters. I am sure it would have been better had I read this one first though.
this books starts with mystery and runs through the story.  Kristie Matthews comes from a well to do family of lawyers and they wanted her to follow in their steps but she marches to a different drummer and wants to paint.  She moves to an amish farm and rents rooms to live in area that is ripe for a painter to find lots to paint.
At the beginning she is bitten by a dog and goes to ER where she meets a stranger who gives her a key to keep for him and this begins the mystery.
Come read this story and meet some wonderful characters and the Zooks family that live here midst the amish folks.
Kristie will learn much about others and herself as she lives in Lancaster County.  She is caught up in danger while she has this mysterious key and tries to help its owner come to terms with God and his faith.

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  1. Thanks for enjoying the book, Paula, and telling people about it. Much appreciated!