Saturday, August 2, 2014

Unexpected Love (Seasons of Redemption, #3)Unexpected Love by Andrea Boeshaar
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Seasons of Redemption series book #3"Unexpected Love"
by Andrea Boeshaar

Great story with the character Lorenna Fields who is a nurse that meets a patient who is blind and has amnesia,she calls him Mr Blackeyes and takes special care of him.
Renna as her dad calls her works long hours and many menial task in her wards.  Her superiors think she waste too much time with patients and gets emotionally involved.  She has a heart that won't let her do otherwise.
Captain Brian Sinclair was lost at sea when his yacht sank from an explosion and his mother-finance and friend lost their lives.  He was lucky to be seen by a ship nearby and picked up and brought for medical care.  It was sometime before he knew who he was and his memory returned in bits and pieces.  Renna was his caregiver and friend and when he was well enough physically her family offered him a place to stay while he continued to heal and get his memory back.
Brian and Renna spent much time together and he soon found himself liking this young woman a lot.
This story has a mystery,murder and mayhem along with romance and adventures you don't want to miss.  I look forward to the next book.

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