Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Promise Keeper (Sea Heroes of Duxbury)The Promise Keeper by Lisa Norato
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The Promise Keeper, novel by Lisa Norato

~WOW~  great story here you don't want to miss the story of the Keeper and Captain Moon's family.
..Danger reunites a Sea Captain's daughter with her childhood protector...
Jonathan Mayne is only a little boy when the Captain stops at his Uncle's store and sees how he is mistreated, his heart won't let him stay, so he takes him with him to work on his ship.  The two bond deeply and as he grows into a man he helps the Captain in many ways enduring himself to the family.
As a man he becomes the Keeper of the lighthouse,Pilgrims Light, on island near the captains home.  He meets the little girl he befriended so many years ago,Iris Moon, the Captains daughter.
A Love that stretched through the years was one that the Captain and his Lady had and his daughter is the image of her mother giving many a start when they see her.  Secrets swirl about the Captain's Lady...

Reading this Love story that has a promise kept by a young boy who now reunites with the Captains daughter...he is grown-she is grown and there is a knowing between them even though she consciously doesn't remember him.
Are you good at keeping promises?  long-time promises? should a promise be broken after death of one involved.

Read this story and see how Lisa Norato has captured the hearts of an older Sea Captain and a small boy who likes to carve wood objects, A Lady in distress who was brought away from evil.

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