Sunday, July 20, 2014

Full Steam AheadFull Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer
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Karen Witemeyer writes  Historical novel "Full Steam Ahead"

Galveston is a port city and many types of ships can be found there, this story is written about the 1800's era.  Nicole Renard grew up on the island playing pirate games and her family is into shipping.
There is a feud and the story about a jewel encrusted dagger that makes for interesting reading.
When Nicole takes this dagger and leaves the island to save it, she encounters many hair-raising moments and when she is stranded along the way she meets Darius Thornton, whom many in the town thinks is crazy as he blows up boilers on his property, unkown is the fact that he is a scientist and trying to find ways to perfect the steamship boilers so they wont blow up at wrong times and cause so many deaths.  Nicole needs funds for the rest of her journey so she takes a job with Darius as assistant to earn her way.
This unlikely couple have more things in common then they are aware of and in time they have a mutual attraction that begins to grow.  Each thinks this is a mistake and tries to limit their times together.
She saves him during one of his testings and he saves her when the brothers come and kidnap her...
Will love continue to grow as they move full steam ahead?  can a compromise be made on both their sides.  You don't want to miss this story.

I received this book from The Bookclub Network and BethanyHouse Publishing to read and review, thank you so much.

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  1. Karen Witemeyer always has the cutest book covers doesn't she!
    I've only read one by her - Oh no I've read two!
    Short Straw Bride - which I loved!
    And To Win Her Heart - which was pretty good