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Safe Haven (Peacemakers #3)Safe Haven by Anna Schmidt
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Anna Schmidt's series "The Peacemakers" book #3 Safe Haven

I enjoyed reading this author and her research has made this a great story to read.  The characters will tug at your heartstrings and you will want to help as they journey.  FDR has brought almost a thousand European refugees to our country from a war torn area to keep them safe, thus the name of the book "Safe Haven"

Suzanne Randolph is a writer that has been duped by another journalist and her reputation is in threads, when she hears of these people she wants to write their story thinking this will redeem her.  The man she had worked for believes in her and decides to help her as it will also help his paper to print this story.

Theo Bridgewater is a quaker and did not fight in the war but he has relatives in this bunch of refugees and his parents talk him into moving to Lake Ontario -Oswego,N.Y. to give them support.  It is here that he meets Suzanne and likes what she is trying to do but not always the way she does it.  They live in the same boarding house and seeing one another often helps them to become friends.  Maybe even more then friends as the months move along.

The war rages on for a long time and the refugees must learn a new way of life as guest of the president in a new country where they are behind a fence and only able to travel close by during the daytime.  Lives are changed and new relationships formed from this togetherness and it becomes almost like a little city behind the fence.  There are deaths and births among the little group.  They signed a paper when then come agreeing to return to their country after the war ended, many want to stay now and their is much controversy among the politicians.
The president that brought them died and another taking over doesn't want to make the decision to move them back.  what is to become of almost a thousand souls ready to be freed as the war ends?

I enjoyed reading this story given to me for a review by The Bookclub Network and Shiolh Run Press.  thank you

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