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Captured by Love (Michigan Brides, #3)Captured by Love by Jody Hedlund
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Novel by Jody Hedlund-book #3 "Captured by Love"-series Michigan Brides

This story was written about Michilimackinac Island, sometimes referred to as Macanaw.  1814...
I visited this island not long ago and so while  reading this story of Pierre and Angelique..I could see them running through the wooded areas and imagine the fort that I saw.. looking like Jody wrote.

Childhood friends,Angel has always looked up to Pierre and followed he and his brother Jean all over the island.  Now all grown up the two have much to contend with.  Pierre was a fur trader and gone for long periods of time and Angel accepted Jeans proposal of marriage just before he left for the war that was going on between the British and Americans.  Angel knew she never wanted to live anywhere but this wonderful island.

We will see Love and War intermingled in this story and Jody does it well. Hunger as the war rages and supplies are low too.

 As Tensions mount and violence surrounds them, Pierre and Angelique must decide where their loyalties rest and how much they'll risk for love.  She is loyal to Jean and keeps telling Pierre she cannot accept his love although she aches with how she feels when he is near.

Thank You Jody for another wonderful story part fiction&part facts..I love to read your books and see the vivid characters you bring to life..along with your research of the setting of the story and how well we can feel we are there and sometimes if we are lucky we will have been already...

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