Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jacob's ListJacob's List by Stephanie Grace Whitson
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Jacob's List by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Story is about young man who makes a list of daring adventures he wants to finish before graduation ,he and his good friend Andy work together to fulfil it.
The parents of Jacob are wealthy but the wealth does not exclude them from the heartaches of life as you will see as you read this book.  His dad is a Doctor as his dad before him is too.  Too many times work overrides family time.  Mom is a stay at home one involved in charities and lot of idle time living day to day without really living.  when a catastrophy happens this couple seem to be pulled apart instead of together to help one another.
Andy's family is a christian one and involves God in all that they do. These two families collide more then once as the story evolves.
There is much to learn from reading this story and you will be glad that you did when you turn the last page.
There is sadness-forgiveness-Love-happiness-Faith and un-faith struggling....
Stephanie does a wonderful job of bringing it altogether so we can enjoy the story and learn from it.

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  1. I HAVE THIS BOOK! I just haven't read it yet.
    Stephanie Grace Whitson is one of my all time fav authors!
    I have almost all her books.