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Surrendered Love (Amish Of Webster County #2)Surrendered Love by Laura V. Hilton
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Surrendered Love by Laura V Hilton

This story has a bishops daughter Janna who is past the time most young people marry, she works in her community by shopping for folks that need the help and some that just need a break.  She enjoys doing this for folks and gives her life meaning until the day she spies a familiar face in the store...He is a policeman with a past of living amish who left long ago never letting anyone know his secret....
Hiram (Troy) Troyer has much guilt from the past but he still remembers the pretty face of Janna and he pursues her when he knows he has no right to.
The bishop sees a future for this young man back in the amish community and he lets his daughter know that she should see him, he feels the feelings between them will bring him back, letting him forgive himself,letting others forgive him and begin to live again instead of hiding behind "being a policeman".
one sister of Janna's left the community long ago and she has brought her daughter there hoping her parents can help the troubled young woman, Meghan test every boundry and is not happy living amish though she loves her grandparents.  It is soon seen that she is in trouble with the law after shoplifting, When Troy an english type comes around to see Janna this confuses her even more.
Troy the policeman wants to work with the Bishop and Janna who are joint gaurdians of the young girl, this will let him see more of Janna and also help a little...
I was totally surprised by the ending and how this couple was able to come to grips with all the worldly things around.  It made me think of the good and bad influences in our lives and of our choices we make that balance things.  you will enjoy this unusual amish story by Laura.

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