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Katie's Journey to Love (Emma Raber's Daughter, #2)Katie's Journey to Love by Jerry S. Eicher
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Series Emma Raber's Daughter, book #2 "Katie's Journey to Love" by Jerry Eicher

In book #1 we found Katie a young shy girl starting to make changes by going to Mennonite group gatherings and finding two girls who became great friends, Margaret and Sharon.  Her Mamm did not agree to these type friends and there was friction between the two.
Emma had met and married Jesse Mast so book #2 finds Katie adjusting to living in a larger family and the changes that involves.
Jesse's children were not pleased with Emma and her daughter moving in and the oldest daughter Mable in particular who had been doing all the "motherly" things since their mother had died years ago.
Mable wanted her "Datt" to marry the school teacher who she just knew would be a better choice.  The school teacher also had dreams of that happening too.
This story takes us a little further on Katie's journey as she is finally noticed by a young man that she has dreamed about for a long time,Ben.
There will be happiness - sorrow -betrayal and forgiveness needed.  Read and enjoy as I have this story of Katie and Emma finding Love.

I received this book from Harvest House Publishing for an honest review, thank you for sharing.

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